You know that feeling when you’re so tired of being disappointed that you start covering yourself with stones, so that you can be strong enough to not feel sad when these bad things happen? I didn’t want to be like that, or to live feeling like I have to protect myself from everything… but in moments like these I feel like thats the best thing to do. I didn’t want to tell myself that love is a bad thing, that it will make you feel pain, that it will make you cry and will fulfill your heart with a heavy sensation. But as time goes by I feel scared because it really happens. No matter how, or why… all the good things suddenly end, and someone who you really thought was your friend, or your lover, or just really cared about you, actually do not feel bother to lie and move on their life as if you mean nothing to them. It scares me to see how people don’t give a fuck for you, when you could do everything for them. And I really wish I didn’t feel like that, but I’m growing stronger, and I feel like its in the wrong way: that way that make you lose your faith in some good and beautiful things you’ve always believed.

Eu me sinto assim, e ser sarcástica e feliz encobre tudo isso. Será que não dá pra ninguém perceber, porra? Decepção desgraçada.

(texto via tumblr)


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